Impulse has been Greenlit!

Impulse has steadily moved up the ranks and has now been Greenlit! This means that Impulse is pre-approved to be released on Steam. This is great news — there is a lot of work to be done first though.

Progress on Impulse is steady, but slow. I realized today that this project has been witness to some big changes in my life. Three moves, two job changes, and one marriage. All that and zero…

Help Impulse To Kick Some Assist!

Impulse has been chosen for KickAssist, a new initiative to help build awareness for indie games!

Over the next two weeks, Impulse will compete against two other games for the votes of gamers around the world.

Three games go in, but only one game leaves with a solid $500 prize put up by the great guys over at Magic Pixel Games. (

Help Impulse win this thing by…

Impulse Kickstarter is a Go!

The Kickstarter for Impulse has launched! Check it out here:

Also check out Impulse on Steam Greenlight. Help get the game onto Steam! Impulse @ Steam…

4Kore is Live!

Welcome to the home of 4Kore — Indie Games For The Kore.

Details about Impulse, 4Kore’s first indie game, will be released very soon!

Be sure to follow our twitter feed to get notified about all the latest updates.

Check back…

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